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Benson® Aluminum Flatbeds

Benson Flatbeds

American-made Performance.
The ultimate in performance, the Benson aluminum platform provides exceptional fuel economy, corrosion resistance and increased payloads. Known for its fleet-proven design, this trailer offers greater load and operating flexibility, lower maintenance and longer trailer life. Ideal for owner operators and large fleets alike, this trailer will meet all the requirements for your specific application. After this trailer, you won’t want to pull anything else.

Superior Main Beam Design. Lower Maintenance.
The two-piece, welded main beam design eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners by welding on the neutral axis of the main beam where bending stress is minimal. Unlike bolted designs, this main beam doesn’t have fasteners, which eventually loosen, requiring additional maintenance over its lifetime.

Less Weight. More Freight.
Floor crossmembers weld to the main beam, side rail and floor to form a super stiff structure, eliminating the need for knee braces for a lighter weight trailer and less maintenance. In addition, the extruded, hollow core, aluminum floor system welds to the top flange of the main beam, creating a stronger beam section while also reducing weight.

Greater Flexibility. More Loaded Miles.
The Lock-Rite™ multi-position tie down system offers flexibility to either tie down narrow loads to the center of the trailer or to the outside siderails. This patent-pending design also allows the use of either straps or chain ties to secure loads. In addition, this flatbed comes standard with five additional crossmembers to support steel coil hauls. An optional full-length coil package is available.

Better Highway Visibility.
The enhanced visibility lighting system offers three stop/tail/turn lights and five dual-function side marker lights. The side marker lights also function as turn signals for improved visibility to motorists. In addition, the one-piece, tubular bumper includes an extruded grip surface. Unlike smooth surfaces, the grip surface allows for easier access to the flatbed.

Base Specs


Length: 28" - 53"
Width: 96" and 102"

Beam Ratings

524: 52,000 in 4’/57,000 lb in 10’/110,000 lb evenly distributed
624: 62,000 in 4’/68,000 lb in 10’/125,000 lb evenly distributed
724: 72,000 in 4’/78,000 lb in 10’/140,000 lb evenly distributed

Est. Base Weight(s)

524: 8,712 lb/3,952 kg
624: 8,842 lb/4,011 kg
724: 8,952 lb/4,061 kg

Main Beam Design

Welded, 2-piece, 6061 T6 extruded aluminum “T” cross sections Beams welded along neutral axis
Floor sections welded to top flange of main beam
Top tee extrusion with integral Lock-Rite groove
High-strength, main beam camber cut in lower aluminum “T” section 

Front End Design

Bright finish, fabricated aluminum front crossmember
Center mount gladhands and 7-way on removable access panel for ease of maintenance
5/16” steel coupler plate bolted to main beams and frame
Kingpin settings 18”- 36”
JOST A-400 landing gear
Heavy-duty cross and aft bracing

Rear End Design

Closed section extruded rear light box
Three rear stake pockets with extruded pocket protector
Tubular bumper uprights with flanges for mounting accessories
Extruded grip surface on top of bumper tube
Heavy-duty rubber dock bumpers mounted vertically with three bolts
Bumper assemblies are United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada Compliant

Siderail Design

Extruded box section side rail with integral Lock-Rite® groove
Radius edges to prevent strap damage
“LL” sliding winch track roadside, bolt-on design
Tumbled aluminum stake pockets on 24” centers remove burrs and sharp edges
Large diameter double pipe spools
Extruded aluminum rub rail with recessed groove to protect conspicuity tape

Crossmember Design and Floor System

4-7/8” aluminum C- channel crossmembers on 16” centers
1-1/4” hollow core box design, extruded aluminum with four apitong nailers, two singles on the outside and a double in the center
Crossmembers welded vertically to siderail and main beam; horizontally to floor, reducing stress
Includes coil package with five additional aluminum crossmembers on 8” centers


Lightweight, formed suspension crossmembers at suspension hangers and air springs
Bolt-on, lower steel C-channel and strut bracing
Hendrickson INTRAAX®AANT 23K air suspension comes with the manufacturer’s HXL5™ 5-year warranty
Suspension rated at 23,000 lb per axle
121” tandem widespread axle setting
Hendrickson Quik-Align® axle alignment
Hendrickson HP Axle® with large bearings, parallel “P” spindle wheel ends
ADI hub with centrifuse drum
Haldex Gold Seal® brake chamber with Haldex automatic slack adjuster
Steel disc wheels   

Electrical Wiring / Lights

Air and electrical accessible through removable aluminum front plate
Below deck air and wire routing for ease of maintenance
Recessed oval stop/tail/turn lights
Truck-Lite® 36 series dual function LED lights, five marker lights per side
Enhanced visibility lighting system, which includes flashing dual function side marker lights that correspond with turn signals
Truck-Lite® series 88 harness system
Meritor® 4S/2M anti-lock brake system (ABS)