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Looking for something that will last? Dura-Haul offers one of the most durable and reliable gravel trailers in the market. We are constantly innovating new product features to develop the most user-friendly trailer out in the field.

Built to haul, built to last

At Dura-Haul, we have seen the roughtest of roads and off-road conditions that's why we engineer strength and longevity into all of our trailers.


EverFlex Design

With our state-of-the-art engineering software, our onging research and development and dedicated team, we have designed the latest in agricultural trailers using our EverFlex design to stand up in all terrain.

Stainless Steel

Trailers are our standard. We also keep the Stainless Steel finish as it stands up over time being corrosion resistant, or we can paint it with any of our 10 standard colors.